Car Crash Injury Qld offers the following services:


If we agree to undertake your claim on a “NO WIN NO FEE” basis this means that:-

  • We will handle your matter speculatively and we will pay for all outlays involved with pursuing your claim (ie. medical report fees, search fees, barrister’s fees, court filing fees, mediator fees, etc.) but we will not render an account for professional fees or outlays until you achieve a successful outcome.

    A successful outcome occurs when you accept an amount of damages offered for your claim, or there is a judgment of the Court where the other party is ordered to pay you an amount of damages and/or costs.

  • If your claim is unsuccessful, we will make no charge for our professional fees associated with your matter.


  • We provide you with a “Free Initial Consultation” at which time we can give you an indication as to the merits of your claim.
  • Our initial consultation can be carried out per telephone, by appointment or, we can come to you at your home or while you are in hospital, if you are unable to come to us.
  • We provide you with the advice of experienced Lawyers who practice in injury compensation claims.